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I dated a girl for about 5 months. The last night I saw her she whispered that she loved me. She started to become distant after that and making excuses why she couldn't see me. I called her on her birthday and wished her a happy birthday. I didn't hear back from her so I sent kind of a smart*** text. She replied back saying why am I being so melodramatic? I didn't reply for about a week and then I said I sent the last text out of frustration because I cared. I said I hope her job is going well and to take care. Later on that night I get a text at about 10:30 saying" Hey, WANNA COME AND PICK ME UP?". I replied back saying where are you? I didn't hear anything after that and it's been a few days. Do you think she is trying to mess with my head or do think she meant to send it to another guy? I truly am trying to get over her but the text made me confused.

A little background on her- she was married before and her husband cheated on her shortly after they were married. That happened about two years ago.


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  • You said she whispered that she loved you on the last night then got distant. She was probably upset that you didn't say it back and was probably scared that she had made herself vulnerable and decided to back off. If she was messing with you, then you will probably get more texts like that in the future. Either way just ignore it.

  • It does somewhat seem like she is meeign with your head, either that or she is trying to test you and where your feelings really lie. Sometimes girls want to see how far you'll go to try to work/figure things out. I would keep trying to contact her and see exactly what she's trying to tell you.


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