Why would my Ex not mention to me she has a boyfriend?

I had emailed my ex out of the blue a few months back to check in as I have had no contact with her. She emails back "I would like to talk to you" (I ended up opening that email weeks after she sent it not realizing she emailed back). So I respond and give her my phone number. She never texted or called? Then I emailed her a week or so ago to basically say she will always be special to me and I asked her if she was happy, as I wonder if she found her soul mate or is in love. She responded by saying I have a beautiful soul and wants happiness for me. She never mentioned she had a boyfriend, which I have now discovered. Any idea what is going on? I feel like I am getting mixed messages or maybe I am just overanalyzing...

I agree... I do believe she just didn't want to hurt my feelings or rub it in that she moved on. I think what sparked my curiosity was when she said she would like to talk to me. And never followed through. And to the second response... I don't think she needs or should HAVE to tell me. Just wondered why she wouldn't say I am happy and in love. As far as the email, I did not intentionally ignore it for weeks. I just did not notice she emailed or else I would have responded sooner.
And to make matters a little more interesting, we have been apart for 4 years! We would correspond intermittently via email every 6 mos. or so. I have been in a relationship during that time and had let her know thinking it was OK at the time because a year or 2 had passed. So this is not a new breakup. I understand if we just broke up and she didn't want to mentioned she has a boyfriend, but 4 years? Again... Probably over analyzing. The heart wants what the heart wants.


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  • It seems that she doesn't want to hurt you by telling you she has a boyfriend already.

    However, she genuinely wishes for your happiness, and she's happy in her own world now.


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  • If she's your ex why should she tell you she has a boyfriend .You couldn't have been that interested any ways because she sent you an email saying she wanted to talk you never checked your email for weeks.