Girl didn't answer twice, one with a reason, then one with no text reply?

Me and this girl live an hour from each other but been contacting for a few months, only last few months.

She wanted to hear me on the phone and told me she was "excited" and "couldn't wait". So a couple of weeks ago we spoke on the phone and it really flew, then sent me a text saying "It was nice talking to you :-) x" and "You sounded nervous ha ha x". She then sent me a text a few days later saying ":-) x". We texted quite a few times since.

But then I texted last Saturday:

Me - "I bet you can't guess what I'm thinking x

Her - "That I'm the best person ever! Hahaha x

Me - "thinking that I could be listening to your voice instead of reading words off a screen. phone you tomorrow? x"

Her - "I'm working 8-7 tonight so I don't know what time I'll be awake tomorrow, but at some point, yeah x"

I didn't phone her then in case she was tired, so I phoned her 7pm on Monday, got no answer, She sent a text soon after saying "Out for tea sorry x" - noticed she wrote on twitter a couple of hours before she was eating out with a guy best mate or something.

I didn't reply to her text, as there was no point, so I phoned Thursday at 7pm and got no answer again. This time I didn't get a text, but she hadn't written anything on her twitter for an hour.

What should I do? She's been interested and replies to texts, one call with reason, another without. Should I wait? It has only been a couple of hours since I called, maybe she has her phone off, I don't know.

If I get no contact, should I just forget about her and let her contact me? or should I just send a text next time?


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  • Things would be in your favor if you text her again.