Worrying about how my inexperience will impact me in the future.

I'm 20 years old, and the closest thing I've had to a boyfriend was two and a half years ago. It last two weeks and all we did was kiss, and since then I haven't had any sort of romantic relationship/contact.

I make a lot of "I'm half way to being the 40-year-old-virgin" jokes, but overall I'm perfectly okay with my inexperience and I'm very open about it because I don't see anything wrong with it. However, as I get older, the experience gap between me and the average person my age only grows larger and the less comfortable with myself I become. I'm not the type of girl to get drunk or jump into bed with a random, I'd need time to get comfortable with the idea of being that close to someone.

Would it be wise for me to try to date now, even though it's not incredibly important to me, just so things aren't so awkward in the future?

I really can't imagine myself being 25 and feeling at ease in a dating situation knowing that I still have less experience than an average middle schooler.


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  • It is perfectly fine! There are tons of great guys who have spent their early 20's focusing on their careers while being single and not hooking up. I'm currently 22, and I would LOVE to find a girl who is around 18 years-old and is completely innocent. That's actually what I prefer. But, I'm starting to think that I need to wait until I graduate and start my career before I find her.

    Why do I prefer innocent girls? Because intimacy is like the sticky stuff on tape. If you take a piece of tape and stick it to a wall, peel it off, stick it to another wall, and so on... it will lose its ability to bond. The same is true for human beings (there is quite a bit of scientific evidence to support this). I want a girl who hasn't bonded with any other guy; I want her to stick to me like gorilla glue... which is why I think I need to wait and make some money.

    However, if I was a 22 year-old girl, I wouldn't wait too long to find a guy. Spend the next year working on yourself to make yourself super attractive, find a guy who can provide for you and will commit to you, and REEL HIM IN!

    Although, on second thought, if you plan on NOT shooting for the stars, and you plan on settling for a guy who's slept with several women before you and risk getting used for sex... then yea, get some experience. But, if you do this, make sure it's through one night stands. I would even hesitate with a friends-with-benefits deal... you don't want to break a guy's heart.


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