How long until I call for a date?

I've had ONE date, when I was 16. We both got sick. Prior to and after, it's just been friends with benefits and one-nighters. So today following class, I told a girl who has shown interest that "I'd like to go out" with her. Whether her response was 100% positive, I'm actually unsure.

Regardless, two things. She's way cooler than me, always has plans with people halfway through or after class. And she thought I was younger that I actually am and her voice is deeper than mine. (I'm 22, she's 19)

Assuming everything's OK, how long should I wait to get in touch? Call or text? And if it's good, how many days in advance should I schedule a date? She's working on our art project Saturday, and next class is Tuesday. ?


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  • When ever. YOur comfortable with it there is not right time


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