Had an argument with my best friend and don't know what to do, help?

So, I recently had a argument with my best friend 6 days ago and I still haven't heard from him. This is how the argument came about. I was sending him a text while I was waiting for the shuttle for school. The text was about how this girl was waiting for the shuttle as well but she wearing nothing but a gray muscle shirt, brown Capri leggings, and booties. All while it was 20-30 degrees outside! LOL I felt cold just glancing at her. XD I thought it would be funny to share so I sent it to him. Little did I know that he had also received a previous message from the week before , that had failed to send due to my crappy metropcs connection. He called me when I got home and said " I got your text and I think you should just leave them alone and focus on yourself" HUh? I thought. Where was this coming from? I replied " HUh? What are you talking about? What does that have to do with the lady?" He continued on by saying " You need to stop worrying about siblings and let them do whatever they want.Stop watching over them and focus on yourself." When I finally realized what he was talking about I explained why he received the rest of the old story about how I became frustrated with my brother because he was procrastinating at bed time ( what kid doesn't? )from a week ago. he acknowledged it but still went on to say " I understand but "I'M" just saying you should stop taking care of them and do you." I grew irritated at how he was persistent on this matter. I'm a college student and at night my mother goes to work so I have to watch my siblings for the night ( No big deal since school takesup all my social time anyways and besides on the days my mother is off I'm free to do whatever I want. ). I was shocked at how he was basically telling me to turn my back on my siblings and not care about them anymore.What person with a heart can do that? And for him to say it so bluntly with little regard for how he was coming off was distasteful. So I proposed the same thing to him with his illegitimate son. I asked him to do the same with his son since he found out he's not really his child. Specially since his son only uses him for money and talks to him because he knows that no matter how bad he treats his father that he will still be there. He raged on me and became rather belligerent and loud.I hung up and texted him saying " when you calm down and we learn to stop cutting each other off lets try this again." Its been 6 days and I still Haven't heard from him.I was shocked. I mean, why propose something to me which you yourself cannot seem to do? The hypocrisy of it his view. I've onl heard from his son who just texted me 20 messages about how its my fault and how I should apologize for what I said.

But I feel I honestly did nothing wrong, but merely proposed the same thing he did to me. I feel you shouldn't advise someone to do something which you yourself would find yourself unable to do.

Should I continue to wait for him to call or should I be the one to cal
Sorry that I wasn't clear but If I were to call I would apologize by saying " I'm sorry that things took a turn for the worse during our conversation but you have to understand what you strongly suggested to me was highly insensitive and very contradicting." Hope this helps. I'm not a narcissist nor am I scared to reveal when I am wrong so please don't misunderstand. Keep the suggestions coming,PLEASE!


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  • What is the point of calling, when you're not going to apologize?

    If I was him, I wouldn't want to hear from you ever, until you were ready to apologize.

    • yet it was OK for the other guy to tell him something bluntly he can't do himself?

      telling this person one thing to just turn back on family, yet can't do it himself and gives this person all the blame on what happened is one thing but now doesn't even talk and make up things and would rather keep this person in the dark, I don't see resolution unless one decides to talk it out.

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