When should I tell her my feelings? :/

I'm in love with my little girl as I call her;)

I thing she likes me but I am not sure

While we were texting she put a heart out of nowhere ( I replied with one too) then she changed subject , 2 days ago we were chatting about 3 hours and yesterday we hanged out , we went to a place she knew a cafe and we ordered one sweet I must say she almost fed me xD and we had fun , she said she had fun too but I want to know for sure :/ if she likes me of course II paid xD

I am sure she knows I like her , for this I am sure ,

She cancelled a hang out with her best friend to hang out kith me but ... Nvm

I am going to learn if she had fun until Monday for sure , but when should I tell her my feelings ? I am no sure... We both never been kissed or had a relationship ... She is not just beautifull aw<3

When should I ask her out again? :/ all the time we were talking I wanted to hug her and kiss her ... :( Awh I need help

f***ing love...

We had fun together and after 24 days she broke up with me cause

she seen me as a friend from the start... F*** THE START -.-

Yeah I did talk to her face to face

Please do not hurt anyone... its very bad :/


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  • She knows you like her trust me, but you need to talk about your feelings face to face, when you guys are alone and no one is around, try to make it as romantic as possible, so she always remembers! You will get your chance to kiss her and hug her after you confess :)


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  • It really depends on the girl!

    It doesn't seem like you've been going out for very long, so I'd wait a bit if I were you. Your actions will speak for themselves for now. Just be attentive and show that you appreciate the attention that she gives you in return. DON'T go over the top with the grand gestures of affection or she might think you're creepy.


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  • Listen to me very carefully, from now on just flirt and compliment her. Make it 100% obvious that you have a crush on her by what you say and how you behave around her. If she lets you advance and seems to like your new attitude towards her, then flat out tell her that you like her and want to take her out on a proper date. For now treat her like she's already your girlfriend, except without the intimate monents, so she has a sample and knows what she's missing. Don't hold anything back.

    • Yeah thanks:). But if I make it too obvious she might not feel right especially at school :/