What is best to wear on a first date?

im going out on my first date, I need advice what to wear as I really like dis guy and don't want to give out the wrong idea! I don't want a pantie line either to show. help?


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  • A girl can never be overdressed when going on a first date as long as she doesn't dress as if she's going to a wedding when she's only going to a movie or eating out. Unless you're going to a very casual place then I think you should wear a cute dress and one that's in the range of six inches about the knee - not too short nor too long. Shorter or longer are for more dressy special occasions. No more than a modest cleavage for your first few dates depending on your age. Dressy jeans aren't a bad idea either unless you feel you'd rather wear a dress. The main and most important thing is that you dress so that YOU feel comfortable and feel like yourself. Don't pretend and try to be someone you're not. Just be yourself and yet that be your guide.

  • It depends on where you're going on the date. If he's taking you to Mcdonalds just wear whatever casual clothes make you comfortable. If you're going to a nice place you might want to wear a dress. Dress should be at the knee or lower and cover your bust to avoid giving him any ideas.


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