Girl acts like she likes you then acts a lot less interested overnight

this has happened a few times in the past two years. I chalked it up to insecurities or perhaps other issues or maybe they had bf's I dunno. let me know what you think.

this is the latest incarnation of this phenomenon. last night met a girl. she was obviously into me. we walked arm in arm. she gave me her phone #. she told me to call her right before I dropped her and her friend off.

today I text her something innocuous. I say "that ____ song is stuck in my head now". it was a song we heard and we both said we liked last night.

no response.

the whole time her friend I could tell was no so sure about me. she was nice to me but the vibe I got was that she didn't trust me or something--like I was a player the moment she saw me.

two other times I met a girl. long story short before they left they both unexpectedley kissed me on the cheek. after that, seemed disinterested when I texted. in person they ignored me. I'm like "bleehhhh whatever"

another time I went on a date a few times with a girl. I kissed her on the cheek before I left on one date. she texted me that night said she had fun blah blah. we made plans to see each other again a few days later. a few days later came and she gave some BS excuse and I never bothered talking to her again and she never contacted me again.

another time--met a girl on Friday. all good. sitting together my arm around her. she tells me to text. I do on Sunday to make plans. she texts back three days later. I say "f*** it".

another time. girl super into me. I heard her friend say I was attractive. I talked to her. exchanged numbers. I text her a couple days later. she texts back the next day and seems completely uninterested. I say "f*** it"

ok she just texted back. almost one hour on the dot. that is another thing I noticed. girls often text back on significant #s. either on the hour after I text or half hour after I text. seems contrived to me.

i wouldn't put it past a girl to do that.
update. texted back. this time 30 minutes on the dot. I guess I'm inching closer to the promised land
now she is texting back instantly, but excitement level in responses are tempered


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  • I think the problem is that girls feel they have to make a guy work in order to keep him interested. I know this happened to me on many occasions. I see a guy I like, so I go over to talk to him. I make efforts to get into contact and show my interest. The guy sees this and doesn't think he needs to work so he lets me do all the work.

    Every time I was on a guys beck and call, he just doesn't seem to feel the need to put the work in. I think that sometimes it's an ego thing.

    I don't like playing games, but showing my true feelings to someone has gotten me no where. It sucks because I would love to show a guy I like him, but now I have to hold back for fear that I will turn him off, or make him think "oh, if I can get her constantly at my feet, I can get someone better".

    I've even had guys treat me so bad that it was as if they were making me pay for what some other girl did.

    I'm a decent girl and I try to be the best girlfriend I can when I am in a relationship. I honestly hate game playing. But I have to say, if she doesn't text you back right away, it's probably for some of the reasons I have listed above.

    I'm not saying it's right, but sometimes people who want to be with you don't want to scare you off, so they resist a bit.

    It could also be that they just happened to meet someone else. It's really hard to tell.

  • Honestly - maybe she just doesn't use her phone that much. I know it's unusual but I personally can take days without answering... I use Facebook a lot more than I use my phone to communicate with. I wouldn't put too much thought into that.

    Maybe the girls were drunk when you talked to them? Or they just gave you their numbers to get rid of you? I honestly don't know... Maybe they just thought it fun to flirt with you and didn't really want to carry it any further. Maybe you are just unlucky. But I wouldn't give up so easily if I was you - give the girl a fair chance ;)

    • i am pretty sure these girls use their phone all the time. I think this "Maybe they just thought it fun to flirt with you and didn't really want to carry it any further" is probably closest to the truth. I usually chalk it up to them thinking I am a player even though I am not, because they all make comments that I am before I even open my mouth.

      new question: how to not come off like a player?

    • Haha good question with the player-thing :) Hmm... I really don't know! I find the player-thing attractive - only those types are hard for me to trust. So there are both good and bad sides to being a 'player'. Try and stick to flirting with one girl at the time and not seem overly confident and flirty. Be nice and funny and talk to her a bit without hitting on her too much at first ;) The player-types usually touch a lot and are very straight forward. Hope it helps a bit :) Good luck!

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