Dates with someone you didn't know before, answers?

I feel like this should be really easy to answer for yourself, but after going on my first ever first date with someone I didn't really know before, I thought "Maybe the Internet can explain"

So, what ways do you think you can tell if a date went well (for both parties)?

How soon is 'too soon' to think you aren't interested/haven't got much in common?

Difference between getting on well and actual chemistry/connection/attraction?

Can you actually get to know them as they actually are if you only meet them through date scenarios?

How many dates with someone can you 'just see' how things are, without any solid feelings either way?

Don't to answer all of those questions, but they were sort of the thing that was going through my head


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  • If both had fun, had a good time, and thing went well. You can really tell that.

    You really don't have to have something in common to pursue any further. It's enough that you're having fun, feel comfortable around each other, and to be able to understand each other really well.

    Attraction is when you're attracted to them because of one thing, like a physical attraction.

    Connection is when you fall deeper into the other person's charms beyond the attraction.

    Chemistry is when you feel that you're like emotionally and sexually attached to the other person.

    It doesn't have to be 10 dates to see things, one date is enough.


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