Long distance texting? She has a bf? I don't know if she's interested.

I met a girl last summer at this summer camp. I'm a freshman in college and she's a junior in high school. We had an ongoing love thing for like 3 months afterward, but we couldn't date because she lives like 8 hours away. She now has a boyfriend, but she randomly texted me like 2 weeks ago to see how I was doing? I'm going back to the camp in like 4 months and I have a feeling she will start to like me once the camp starts. How can I know if she is feeling anything, because we don't talk very much. Should I text her soon? Or wait until shortly before the camp.


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  • The only way you're gonna know if she feels anything is if she expresses it by her words or physical emotions. emotions girls tend to hide their feelings until they are absolutely sure the guy is interested. If you go to camp and y'all end up hanging out or something, study her body movement. Is she's trying to hold your hand or maybe make a move? This will let you know she feels anything for you. If she doesn't pay much attention to you or changes the subject if you try to talk about each other she may not be interested anymore. It's all about physical expression and the things she says to you. If she seems like she still wants you then go for it, but don't rush into it because she may just be looking for friendship, considering she has a boyfriend. As for texting her, wait for her to text you. If you can't wait, text her shortly before camp. Begin the conversation as if she were an old friend. Ask her how she's been, be casual with the conversation. Make sure not to press into your feelings by talking about each other. Unless she brings it up, steer clear of that subject. Remember, she does have a boyfriend so she doesn't want to feel awkward, she wants to feel comfortable. Hope this helps :)


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  • Text her, but respect her relationship and keep it "just friends."

    • even though she said "we hat a lot of fun last year haha" referencing when we were doing sexual stuff?

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    • yeah, it's been like 2 and a half weeks since that convo. I'm probably going to text her Friday. good idea?

    • Okay. Go slow. No romantic moves unless she breaks up with her boyfriend. :)

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  • Simply text her. She might be interested, but most girls tend to stay committed.

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