Reading the signs,Whats on her mind ?

Hi girls,

There is this girl in my office. I really really like her. She seems the shy type. Initially whenever our eyes met she would look away. I started showing interest in her and she too responded.The duration of eye contact grew longer and longer. I felt I saw genuine interest in her eyes. Then I guess I went a bit over board with the eye game. She seemed a bit nervy around me. I texted her, she did not reply. So I approached her near the lift to say sorry that it was not cool to text some one you hardly know. As I said excuse me...she totally freaked out like I had a gun to her head, almost bumped against the wall. That was really disheartening . So I said what I intended to partially and left. I thought its better to leave her alone, may be she is not interested. This continued for some time, she too avoided eye contacts . But then she started it again , having that genuine interest in her eyes. Finding reasons to make eye contacts, maintaining them.

This wasn't an isolated incident, she does this time to time. When ever I seem to give up, she does things which hold me back.So I texted her saying I wanted us to be friends and would love to know her better. Again no reply. I sent her a number of texts after that, once a week actually, I asked her on multiple occasions if she is in any way bothered by my messages, she can ask me to stop and I would. But she never replies.

Here after she seems more conscious about making eye contacts. She looks at me briefly as if to check I am liking or not and looks away. I texted her once she looked beautiful that day..the following week she looked very relaxed around was good to see she wasn't nervy around me.The next week again I texted her something and she was back to her nervy self. Avoided eye contact. Then again out of the blue I got a missed call from her. I am sure she dialed it by mistake. But she has stored my number right. Why would she do that, what do you think? Should I forget her and move on?


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  • It's certain that she really likes you.

    It must be that she's just slow in opening up to people who interests her.


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  • I think she likes you but may be she think of her parents she don't want to go against them . She is pretty shy girl she want to become your friend but she is nervous when around you . When you appreciate her she liked it don't go too fast she will take time .

  • you said she never replied to your messages, are you sure she got them?

    • i am sure about that, I called her from a cubicle close to hers. Just to check if the number belonged to her. She did receive the call. So she got the texts all right.

    • i guess if she didn't tell you to stop messaging her then she likes you but is just too shy. maybe you can see if you know anyone she's friends with at work so you can talk to her while other people are around and all you could have coffee. maybe she wouldn't be as nervous then?

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  • She's playing games bro.

    But if you're honestly interested chase her & you'll get her.

    Also, try to do things that make her comfortable. The compliment worked. Do that but don't overwhelm her. & try to find something else to compliment her on.

    Also, try one day to use the eye contact to approach her.

    Idea: you can get really creative with this. You could make some signs & when you have eye contact hold them up. Try to ask her to go to lunch with you or have coffee. Something casual.