Is she losing interest?

Been flirting and getting to know each other the last few months through text and calling, but we haven't met. We want to though.. however I'm not sure if she's losing interest and I don't want to waste my time again.

We'd both be replying in 5 minutes to each other:

me - "Hey, staying out of trouble this week? x"

her - "Me? Trouble? Never x"

me - "Thought I saw your face on crimewatch, are you hard to handle? x" (meant this in a jokey way but feeling like I shouldn't have said it lol)

her - "Ha ha ha, how do you mean? Hard to handle x"

me - "That you're an interesting girl and wondering how your week went x"

her - "Been alright like. Not done much! Just uni. What about you? X"

me - "Sorting uni work out and went out last night. Are you still being the world's most brainiest girl at uni? x"

her - "No ha ha. I'm not even clever, it's a fluke! X x"

me - "Tell you what, if you ace another thing at uni, you'll know I was right xx"

her - "And if not, you're wrong x"

me - "I am pretty confident ;-) x"

her - To be fair, I've literally just checked my grades and I've got a 2:1, not my best x"

(I was a away for about half an hour at this point due to something coming up)

me - "Or you must secretly hate compliments! x"

her - "I don'tttt x"

me - "Haha. Off to watch rest of football match, talk to you soon [her name] x"

I've been clicking with her and if it was any other girl, I'd have already asked them out, but I wouldn't want her thinking she was in danger by meeting me.

I'm probably over thinking it that she's losing interest, she responds to some of my flirty texts but I get the feeling she's a bit unenthusiastic.. but it would be great if someone could read it from a fresh perspective..

I wasted a lot of time with a girl 3 years ago, although I was more inexperienced then, I want to make sure I'm not doing the same again and not leading myself on. I'd suggest meeting up, but again I'd rather her familiarise herself with me.


FORGOT TO MENTION! she replied to my text with "Traaa x"


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  • The conversation is super vague. If you haven't gotten deeper than this, it's no wonder she's getting disinterested. Get together for a drink!

    • How do you mean vague? And what should I say to go deeper? Usually I ask them out, but because we live an hour apart and not met each other, etc. What part shows she is getting disinterested?

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    • You can't keep going in circles. Plenty of people meet online and then meet up in person. It's just how you do it to make her feel comfortable. Meet in a very public place and stay in a public place. Simple as that. If she doesn't want to meet up, move on.

    • I know I should ask a girl out over the phone instead, but would it be fine to "unofficially" ask her over text? I.e saying something like "I should take you out sometime soon!" just to test her interest, then ask her out officially with a place/time over the phone?

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  • Wow, based on her answers no wonder you're confused! I can't tell if she's diggin you or not but one of you eventually has to jump completely in if you know what I mean. We women are just as afraid of rejection so we hate to put it all out there right away. So just meet up and see where it goes from there!

    • I'm thinking of texting her in a couple of days about wanting to get to know her more, although might suggest again about the idea of meeting up and see how she reacts to that now!

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  • say something along the lines of: "hey, based on all these conversations we've been having, you seem like a cute girl and I'd really wanna meet up sometime so we can familiarize ourselves with each other, Are you down?"

    If you get rejected, just move on, there are billions of other girls around the world. It's OK to be rejected by a girl, I get rejected a lot and I also get dates a lot so it's no big deal.

    Also, you ALWAYS want to be slightly sexual in everything you say and always giving her the impression that you are really attracted to her. The best way to do this most of the times is to be straight and honest. This shows her that you're confident about yourself, which is an extremely attractive trait to have.

    • Yeah man, top answer. It's not as if I've met her anyway but I do click with her. How do you mean be slightly sexual in things I say? Usually I just say the basic flirty stuff that feels right and compliment.

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    • As long as you have those sexual innuendos you are good. I do suggest you ask to meet up with her soon, because the longer you wait, the less she will be attracted to you. Girls like spontaneousness And if you just keep texting over and over it'll get boring for her and she will lose interest. So if you suggest to meet up, there is a good chance she will say yes. There already is a clear indication of some level of attraction towards you, so go for it.

    • I probably only text her twice a week, at most three times. Some of them the length of conversations you see above but sometimes short, flirty ones like she was on my mind so thought I'd drop her a text, etc. Usually we both text each other to say we'll phone, but I texted her twice during the week spontaneously, however she was out both times (phoned late evening). I want to ask, but it was her suggestion we phone/facetime so she knows who she is meeting, understandable really.

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