Is he blowing me off?

So on Monday night I went out on a coffee date with this guy my friend set me up with. it went really well, we were there for over an hour just talking. he texted me later that night, we talked a little more, and then he asked if I was free over the weekend, I said yes just that I had to work sat/sun during the day, so he said we could have movie night, which I agreed to. well Friday night he texted me at like 9pm asking what I was doing. I didn't text him back until 2hrs later because I was at my friends house, and when I toldh I'm that he said we have the rest of the weekend to hang out if I wanted, I said yeah just let me know when you want to, and he said sure thing. well its Sunday around 5pm and he hasn't texted me. did he blow me off? or should I text him? I don't want to come off as needy, seeing I told him to let me know when he wanted to hang out, but the weekend is almost over so idk

so I texted him last night and he aid he wouldve had me over for movie night but his brother was having friends over for dinner. then he said he was with his friend and invited me to come over his friends house but I politely declined because that wouldve just been weird. he didn't say anything about a specific day that we could hangout instead. and then later that night on twitter I saw he was flirting with a bunch of girls. should I just let it go and move on?


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  • Sorry to say, don't think he's a nice guy and you should just let go =(

    Either way, if he was really interested he would have at least messaged you letting you know he couldn't make it after all, or arrange some other place for you to go. Flirting with a bunch of girls too?...

    • yeah he was flirting with this one girl saying basically how he wanted to have movie night with her too. then this morning the girl said how he like sent her a good morning text. I was like wtf? so I unfollowed him on twitter today and then he unfollowed me shortly after.

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  • If you can't get along with his friends, you can't be with have to meet his friends. sometime or another. The quicker, the better


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  • i think he is blowing you off at this point.

    • im just confused because like the date went really well and he made a point to ask me to do something this weekend.

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    • thats what I was scared of, I don't want him thinking I blew him off. I want to text him, I just don't want to seem needy because I told him to let me know when he wanted to hang out, so I feel like if I text him and ask him I'm gonna be annoying him.

    • i would wait until like Tuesday and text him a what's up if you don't hear from him.

  • just text him instead of wondering.