Take guy I'm dating to a strip club?

Is it a good idea to take this guy I've been dating to a strip club? I'm in the mood for some ratchet fun and I'd like to go to this local strip club and take my semi boyfriend. He's the good guy innocent type who's never been (I haven't either) but he's not against them either. Would that be weird? Is it okay to take your man to a strip club or is that something better done with friends? Girls input preferred


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  • Taking him to a strip club , let's say, a good idea. It will let him know more of your other side and could let him going.


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  • Is it amateur night and are you planning on being on stage? That might need a bit of prep for the guy. But if it's just going so the two of you can look at silicone-enhanced breasts then enjoy the watered down draft and remember, keep your hands to yourself outside of the VIP rooms.


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