What are his intentions?

I have been talking to this guy for going on 2 1/2 months or so. He messaged me first on a website wanting to talk and about a month and a half ago we ran into each other on the bus and really hit it off. he asked me out to dinner that weekend and I agreed. The day we were supposed to go out, he didn't return any of my texts. The next day around 3 he texts me and says he was super sick and that's why he didn't return my texts. He apologized and said he would make it up to me for ditching out. I forgave him. a couple weeks later after we have been talking every day he invites me out again, only to do the same thing. I end up texting him that night and telling him that I'm not going to play his games and he needs to make his intentions clear. He says he has good intentions and that he really does want to take me out to dinner he just keeps getting sick.. I again accept his apology. We continue talking every day for the next couple weeks and I invite him over one day. He comes over telling me he can only stay an hour or two and doesn't leave for 6 hours because we were having such a good time. He says he would love to hang out again sometime but then leaves without making solid plans. Since then, we have been talking every day, with him texting me first every morning. I have invited him over several times since this incident but he never wants to hang out, yet still texts me every morning.. What are his intentions? I don't understand why someone would spend so much time time texting me everyday when he has told me before he hates texting if he didn't intend on taking it any further? What do you guys think his intentions are?


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  • This is guy is dating everything that moves, on very site he can find. That's why he can't keep appointments and has such a tght schedule. Of course he has 'real time' women he's keeping company with as well...

    Someone who looked 'hotter' showed up in his inbox...He will get around to you, but his calendar is already full of other people he's met online.


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  • His intentions are clear.

    He likes you, but kind of like to take things slowly. He's still "procrastinating" if he's making the right decision to commit to you. Give him time.

    • Should I stop asking him to hang out and wait for him to ask me to hang out again? I guess I don't know how clear I should be with my feelings while still giving him space.

    • Let him ask you out.

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