Guys! What am I to think of this guy? Is he truly interested or not?

Hello everyone,

I've gone out on a date with this guy 3 times already.On the third date,we made out...and that's it...ALTHOUGH...if I wanted to sleep with him,I don't think he would have said no since we hit second base.Anyway,I would like to get to know him better before doing a lot physically...but its been a little difficult:

1.He has been sort of quiet...but he KEEPS asking me out.

2.He doesn't CALL me.He only texts,and the texts are more for information...(to ask me out and make plans).

3.He doesn't really ever say my name...(but I think its because he didn't know how to properly pronounce it)...either way,I told him how to say it and hopefully he will use it.

4.He doesn't really compliment me saying I'm pretty or all.

What I DO like is:

1.He seems nice as a person and respectful.

2.He is attractive and we have a lot of similiar interests.

3.He is into PDA which I don't think is a bad thing. :D

He seems insanely SHY or not that into me...I don't know! He seemed to open up more about his family,friends,relationships on our 3rd date,so at least that was good.

*What do you guys make of this?Is he into me or not?Is he just shy?Btw,he is white...and I am black.I don't know why this would matter in the whole scheme of things,to some people it does.


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  • First of all please put your questions into the right category. This is a question on dating and there's a whole section dedicated to it! so why post it in the OTHER section?

    I'm not too sure this guy is all that into you. He doesn't even say your name? That's completely rude. If he doesn't pay you any compliments now, where he is trying to get to know you and get on your good side.. WHEN will he ever say it? Him not calling you isn't all that big a deal according to me but if he's going to make plans with you, its respectful on his side to call you up.

    I understand some people are shy but if he really is so quiet, don't you find him boring?

    Get to him to open up to you more and analyze if he's actually worth it. Don't hate yourself if he just tries to have sex with you later when there's no obvious chemistry between you two.

    • Thanks for your opinion,but the issue of what category my question is in is completely irrelevant to even address in the first place.If it bothers you that much,you can just hit the box to put it into the proper one.Done and Done.On to things of importance,yes...he is sort of on the quiet side...or shy.Last time I saw him,he spoke more...and I am thinking it is more of an issue with being comfortable and getting to know someone.The more I think about it,I will give him a bit more time.

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    • I'm not being hostile.The question was moved to whatever category it is "supposedly" suppose to be in,and STILL there aren't many responses...sort of a pinhole in your theory.Secondly,the way you suggested putting it in another category did sound offensive and as though you are nitpicking on something so small,hence my response. Anyway,thankyou...I hope it goes well too. :)

    • Ah sorry :p didn't notice that it was moved!

      When I answered, it was in the other section that's all.

      Why are we making such a fuss over it anyway?

      oh wait. I started it. (slaps forehead)

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  • First rule of interest is that if he keeps asking you out , he is interested. If he wasn't then he wouldn't bother.

    So ask yourself if you are interested ? If yes, then give a few more dates to see how he reacts. ask him casually if you look pretty in that blouse... things like that will give him a hint to give you a compliment or 2. As for the text thing, well we are all guilty of that. What I learned in the past is and found it very interesting , is that when I was texting, my friend would just text back, Call me... It worked.. So you try that and see if he catches on..

    It seems you enjoy his company, so go with it and give little hints to what you want..

    Good luck..

  • He's really interested in you. He's just shy, and very inexpressive.


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