My boyfriend knows her number by heart!?

My boyfriend got me a 200-300 dollar Christmas present & he is tight on money it's the first time he had a good portion of money to himself & he spent that much on me He calls me beautiful every day & he only hangs out with his friends on the weekends sometimes only 2 nights a month He mentioned this girl named Kate when he was drinking one night & he got in an argument with my cousin's husband because her husband is a pill head and shoots up. Well he got mad & didn't want to talk anymore so he started saying he slept with my cousin, and her sister, just to piss off my cousin's husband. I made him go home with me because I wasn't going to let them fight cause my boyfriend was drunk & her husband was sober. He told me he wanted to have sex with this girl named Kate. I didn't make him delete her off Facebook, but we argued about it. The next day when he was sober he apologized & said she was ugly, that he was just mad about what happened that night.

Well he went drinking the other night with his boys & things went weird & I had to go pick him up off the side of the road drunk as hell Well he was threatening to fight my cousin's husband again & my neighbor and said he was texting my neighbor so I checked his phone, ready to fix anything offensive he said to my neighbor but I saw he had been texting Kate. I knew I shouldn't look, but I couldn't help it. When we got home we got in an argument because he was asking her to hang out that night I deleted her from his phone & FB & he got mad & I told him I was breaking up with him if he added her back or spoke to her again. (we live together) He got mad & tried to leave, but I wouldn't let him because he was drunk. I told him to stay the night then he could get the F**k out if she was more important than me. He told me he'd never love me & never did but he eventually calmed down & finally laid down. I wasn't crying or anything, I was actually shockingly fine with breaking up the next day. I wanted to. I got on my ipad & began surfing the net when he got closer to me & wrapped his arms around me. I firmly told him to let f**king go of me & he refused, he then told me I was more important than her & that he'd never talk to her again even though his friend was apparently the one wanting her there because he just became single & wanted to have sex with her or her friends, & he was so romantic that night he kept saying how much he loved me & kissed me for ages He still hasn't added her back, & he nagged his friend for getting him in trouble. I don't know what to believe. He's never texted any girls like that before, & he usually ignores ones who message him. I am not jealous of his female friends, I want to meet them. I joked about him getting kate to make him food because I didn't want to today & I said too bad he didn't have her number, he responded, I have it right here. pointing to his head & recited it! What the hell? Should I be mad? He said I shouldn't because someone else's number is that backwards..

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He said I shouldn't be mad at him because he can't make himself forget it.. but I thought it was cruel to just recite it like that in front of me.. it felt like a slap in the face that he could text her any time he wanted...

What the hell is wrong with him?!


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  • in todays world, most people don't remember another persons phone number unless theyre important. ask yourself this, how many peoples phone numbers do you have memorized? id say probably 3-5 maybe 10 max. this is if you're a young adult. of course this is not the case for older people who grew up without todays technology.

    • He's 18 and I'm 19...

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    • hey there's nothing wrong with that mentality, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. my ex girlfriend that recently broke up with me was the girl that I thot was THE ONE. obviously she didn't feel the same way about me. she most likely thinks that there mite be someone better and has met someone that interested her. even tho I love her...if that's the case, ill never take her bak. why would you want to be with someone that thot they cud do better than u? know what your worth and everybodys worth more than that

    • hope you give me best answer lol

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  • i'm sorry but this is ridiculous. Your dude has among other things. A drinking problem and problem with aggression and on top of it all is a liar and treats you terribly.

    Who cares if he remembers her number? The fact is he flirts with her when he is drunk and eventually the flirtation is going to go beyond just that. And just because when he sobers up he tells you how sorry he is and how much he likes you and how "ugly" that other girl is, is absolute b.s. He likes, wants to at the very least f*ck her. No guy goes around saying a girl is ugly unless he is being defensive of lying.

    It shouldn't matter whether or not he knows her number by heart. Even if he didn't what would that change? It would only make it slightly more difficult for him to f*ck around behind your back

    lose this drunken, lying, betraying idiot. He likes this girl and when he's drunk he says what he really means and acts how he really is. Don't stick around and realize in a few years how big of an a**hole he is.

    • I agree with this dood.

    • YES - true that +

      he talks about sex with others so much THIS IS going to happen + he wears these sex conquests as medals and to piss others (he hates) off

      He knows what you like but what HE likes comes first.

  • You shouldn't be mad about him memorizing other girls' numbers. Be mad that he's always drinking and always causes arguments to erupt.

  • Get the f*** out. He is bad news. I only remembered a girl's entire phone number once in my entire life: the number of the love of my life. If he's not Einstein (which he doesn't seem to be) or has photographic memory, this would be enough to make me leave. Like, RIGHT NOW. And that big Christmas present: he probably said the truth when he was drunk and did f*** your cousin, and he probably also already did Katie behind your back and bought you a huge ass present because he felt bad about it afterward, and is now afraid to loose you. Leave, don't look back. You'll find a better dude in no time, no doubt. Good luck!

  • What the hell is wrong with you. You are mad for him memorizing another girls phone number and talking to another girl, yet he gets drunk causes arguments and causes grief. You better get your emotional priorities straight.

    • The argument with my cousin's husband wasn't his fault. My cousin's husband is on pills/shoots up... the argument between me and him was over the girl / him knowing her number by heart because it was "someone else's backwards"

    • My grandmother always said, if a woman is going to get mad at you for little things, get rid of her. Couples should only be mad at each other when one causes grief. With all due respects (my apologies for being a hard ass), your boyfriend is equally at fault for arguing. If he was not drunk, he would of walked away. My advice to you is to get him help for alcohol dependence. It may not be a problem now, but I will turn into a big issue later. He has problems that no one seems to be addressing.

  • you need to breakup with his drunk ass. he's only going to hurt you, its just a matter of time.

  • id say break up with him he seems like a piece of sh*t and he is probably cheating on you ...

  • The sex with this guy must be amazing if you put up with all this sh*t from him.

    Listening to all these guys that seem genuinely good and drama free, but hearing about girls involved with guys like disheartening.

    • He used to be a really nice guy to me. He didn't do anything wrong. He was the perfect boyfriend. He was hanging out with my cousin and her boyfriend.. and he didn't do anything.. but when my cousin stopped letting her boyfriend hang out with mine, and her boyfriend got crazy jealous of my bf.. my boyfriend began hanging with his alcoholic buddies.. and everything went down hill. it seems all he wants to do on the weekends is drink now that he's back with his old friends that used to not matter to him.

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  • .. stop helping him out ie cooking cleaning picking him up etc... See how he reacts. There is a possibility that he is using you .. which is really unfair because it keeps you from being with someone who you deserve.

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