Guys and Girls-Was It a Date?

Yesterday I went out with a really good friend of mine. I'm totally attracted to him, and I'm thinking he feels the same way towards me. Anyways, we always hang out with a group of friends when we're together. We're never one on one, until yesterday.

I'd asked what he was doing, and he had said nothing...since I wasn't doing anything either, we made plans to meet at a local pond for a little bit of a hockey scrimmage. I showed up, and realized that it was just the two of us...there were people out there that we didn't know, but other than that it was just us. We spent three hours out there, just passing the puck around and occasionally jumping into a pick up game. Later we were jumping into snowbanks and wipping snowballs at each other. It was an amazing time, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I'm just not sure if that was us hanging out as friends, or if it was a date? If it was a date, where should I be going from here? And if it wasn't a date, what would qualify as one?


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  • Dates are by definition formal affairs with best behavior. Frolicking around in the snow, this is what friends do for fun when they have free time. And when you're with a group who aren't group dating, again, by definition it's not a 'date.'

    Playing hockey could never be a 'date.';

    Dates are usually not really fun, since they are sort of a screen test...and you have an unwritten but still strict code of behavior going. They are formal occasion with strict times involved...rarely is any spontaneity allowed.

    So I gave up formal dating when still in my teens, and never looked back!

  • It was a date, no matter how you look at it. He spent some good time with you as well.


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