Is this too forward for a shy guy?

All my friends think that my ex boyfriend still likes me. It's kind of obvious sometimes but he's really shy. He seems very happy when I'm around and always have a smile on his face. Lately it's been more obvious and I've been sending him flirty text on fb. He never replies though but he does acknowledge it. For example, I told him I think he looks good in short hair and he cut it the next day and I text him and told him I love it. He kept it short since. He gets jealous easily if he sees me talking to others. I'm kind of nervous around him so we don't really talk unless the situation puts us together. Anyway, I fb him that I think he should ask me out already. I've seen him online but the message hasn't been read yet after 3days. Is he avoiding reading it? Did I scare him by being too forward?


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  • It seems that he's really into you, however he wants to settle with friendship at the moment. Though, it's likely that he's already moved on.


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