Prom is coming up soon and I need a date...

There's a dance coming up this Friday and I feel that it's my last chance at finding a date. There's a talent show show the night before but I don't have high hopes for that. I'm good looking, muscular, smart, nice, the perfect guy (not my words), but I have problems asking girls to dance. There's always that fear nagging me, telling me that I won't get a date, that I'll be all alone, that I look stupid in the close I picked.

Advice, opinions, tips, stories. Anything that can help would be greatly appreciated.

What crawled up your ass?
Went to the dance, danced with a few girls, got two numbers, all in all a good night
I have a girlfriend and a date to my prom on May 17th.

Thank you to everyone who gave advice.

To all you negative people, sit and spin.


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  • I would recommend just going for it. I don't even know who half the people I dance with at dances are. For a fast song you can just go in the direction of a girl you want to dance with, turn to her, give her a look like "I'm already facing you so we might as well dance" and go for it. Just make sure there are no other guys about to go in for it. I remember the first time I danced with a boy, (not for ballroom lessons), one boy was just asking me to dance and another one jumped in front of him and asked me the same thing. I ended up dancing with the one who cut the other boy off (it was only 6th grade) because I felt bad for him and he'd been following me all night at my friend's party. I regretted it though, because I ended up having to hangout with the other boy a few months later when we went to see ocean's thirteen, and all he did was tease me about not selecting him as my dance partner.


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  • Just ask a close female friend or a girl you like. I went to an all girls high school, so I had to find my own dates to dances too, including prom. It's really not as scary as it seems lol. The hardest part is just getting the words out. And don't worry about your clothes, girls really don't pay attention to the type of tux you wear. Just ask your date what color dress she's wearing and wear the same color vest or tie.

    Kinda cutting it close with it being this Friday, don't you think?

    • No the prom isn't this Friday, it's in a month, but I have to meet someone before I can find a date to prom. Sorry if I made it confusing haha. And I already know what I'm gonna wear. If you'll check out my profile you'll see me and notice that I have a nice bit of muscle. I'm wearing black jeans, kiks, and a tight dark grey t-shirt that will show everything in detail. Thoughts?

  • Honestly, you'll regret going alone and not asking the person you really want to be with. Just take a chance and a leap of faith and hope that she'll say yes. Hell, just go up to the prettiest girl in the whole school and ask her to go with you. If she says no, rejection is a part of life and there are hundreds of others to ask; if she says yes, then you have the prettiest date. Good luck and just have fun! It's High School and it's better to take chances now than never.

    • I go to an all male private catholic high school so the prettiest girl is my Japanese teacher. Besides, I can't asked someone I live since for reasons I don't know she stopped talking to me and she respond to my emails, texts, calls, such and such.

  • You waited until the week of to find a date?

    Ask a friend. As a friend for a date.

    • You must have read wrong. The prom isn't for a month. I have plenty of time to find a date only I never go out cause of where I live, and I don't want a one night thing, I want to find someone that I can dance all night with, and then the next morning go get breakfast or maybe visit the MOCA.

  • just ask a shy awkward girl that you think nobody has asked yet.

    • I'd like to but they more often than not too shy to say yes when I ask for a dance.

  • If you don't ask a girl, you will be alone, Simple as that. The only reason a girl asks a guy to prom is if he doesn't go to her school and she wants him to attend. So get out there and ask one. :)


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  • The trick for guys getting date is simple: high volumes of activity (aka, showing interest in girls and asking them out).

    The only way to overcome fear of rejection is to take the plunge, ask out a girl PRESUMING SHE'LL SAY YES...and if you're rejected, just do the same with another girl...and another girl...until one says yes.

    Unfortunately there is no "shortcut" for this process. EVERY guy that has had more than one girlfriend, date, or female sex partner, has had to go through this "rite of passage"...including myself.

    It's part of becoming a man.

  • Simply ask a girl who you really like. Take the risks, and ask all women who interests you.

    By asking a lot, there will be two or three girls who will agree to you.

    • Last dance I got ten percent of the girls I asked to dance.

  • Dude no one likes a narcissist...

    • Yeah I know, but I've already accepted the fact that I'm vain if a little self conscious most of the time. What's with the profile picture though?

    • It shows off my tattoos.

    • Fair enough

  • i highly doubt you're good looking .

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