What do think my chances of getting a date with this girl are?

So a little about her: I believe she is shy just because she doesn't really talk a lot. She will talk to people but doesn't go out of her way to do so.

She does talk to me more than anyone in the class and answers my questions with more than a yes no answer. She also asks me about myself. She will sit next to me outside of class in the library even though there many other seats. She also remember my name after just one class. She will walk with me after class and tell me to have a good day. Smiles when talking to me. She has laughed at a few things I've said and once playfully told me to shut up.

Now for the bad she never touches me. I never catch her looking at me. She ususally forgets things I've told her and I haven't got her number. She is difficult to read just because her facial expressionc hanges.

For the most part I see good just based off the fact she doesn't avoid me but I still don't know what to think.


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  • Your chances are pretty high. Just spend more time with her.

    It seems that she doesn't really open up that well with other people, and seems to be shy.

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