So I had a friend stay over because she needed a place to crash.

And we watched a scary movie and she started to cuddle with me. And hold my hand, so later we fell alseep with her head resting on my chest. Later tha morning she keeps trying to tickle me, and I tried the same to her. I had the urge to kiss her but didn't, because I thought we were just friends. I don't know what to think, I had her stay because she couldn't make it home and she cuddles with me. But we haven't hungout before, I don't know if she thinks I'm a prude because I didn't make a move or what? If she thought that then she would have been off standish right? Need some help ladies... P.S. I was thinking she might be mad, because she is a really pretty girl and used to guys throwing themselves at her and trying to have sex. What do you think?


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  • I think you did the exact right thing. You should ask her to come hang out again sometime so she gets the hint that you are interested in her.

    • By the way this is honestly the most adorable thing and you kind of restored my faith in guys and made my day. I hope it all works out.

    • Thank you, I'm not going to lie but I love sex. But I'm tired of messing around I want a girl who I can learn to love. So then we can make love, I hope I'm not wasting my time on this one :l

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  • She probably thought you were being a gentleman. I doubt she is mad that you didn't try to make a move on her but it definitely seems like she is interested in you.


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