Made-out, cuddled, stayed the night, is he into me? Will he contact me?

There is this guy. We have mutual friends so we have hung out on weekends a few times before. Last time, we were flirting and talking for a while and then slowly became the last ones left at the party. He said he was going back to his dorm and I could come if I wanted. He put on a movie and we spooned while in his bed. We made out a little and went to sleep. We cuddled in the morning for a long time and kissed a little more. He initiated the cuddling and every time I fidgeted a little, he would pull me closer. When I left in the morning, we were friendly and not awkward, and I left quickly so I wouldn't over stay my visit. But we didn't say that we had a good time or that we wanted to see each other again.

The night before, we exchanged numbers but his phone was dead. He gave me his number and I texted him so he would have mine. About an hour or two after I left in the morning, he texted me "hey." I wasn't sure if he charged his phone and had just gotten my text from the night before and thought I sent the text after I left in the morning. I was nervous that he thought this so I waited a little bit and texted "hey" back. It's been 3 days and he hasn't texted me again. We aren't Facebook friends either but I don't want to be the one to friend request him and seem overeager. Is he into me or am I reading too much into things? I don't want to contact him because if he's into me, he'll try to contact me, right? Can I expect him to contact me?
Made-out, cuddled, stayed the night, is he into me? Will he contact me?
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