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Where if you text a girl its considered a red flag? I've heard/read that if guys text a girl either real late at night or early in the morning, that he only wants her for a booty call.

Now friend works all day, so he's busy. But he still texts me around 5 or 6 once he's done with work. Last night...actually, the past couple nights, he was "chilling with buds," but he still kept replying to my texts.

I kinda felt bad because I figured that he was trying to have fun with them, but if that was the case, wouldn't he have just ignored me? We seem to only really have convos between 6 - 8 & sometime later 9 - midnight. Is that a red flag?


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  • It depends on the relationship between you two. How long have you known each other? Do you like one another? Is there any relationship history between you two? There are a lot of factors... But I text my crush when I can. Sometimes that does happen to be late at night or really early in the morning. But it doesn't mean I want to f*** her. I like this girl and respect her. I don't even think about sex or anything of the sort, I just want to be in a relationship and make her happy. I hang out with my friends all the time, but I'll always try to answer her if I can. Not in a clingy way, just if I can't answer all the time, I'll say "I'm at work, gtg" or " I'll text you later ok?" I'll give reasons for the second one, depending on the situation. But if I'm just chilling with my friends and we're not doing much, I would choose to text her too. Why choose friendship over love? Or the other way around?


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  • That's the dumbest assumption I've read in a while. You think it's bad for a man to be thinking about a girl he likes before he goes to bed or when he wakes up in the morning?

    • No no! I don't BELIEVE it. I just read it & was just wondering...

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    • at least I hope its work...

    • Just go with it and see where it goes.

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  • In my case,the guy I currently like always texts at around 7 p.m. and we text until midnight somedays or until after midnight. Its always been that way from the very first time we started texting and talking.

    Is that a red flag? No, it's just how we are and I'm okay with that. Its the only time in the day when we're both free to talk, so that counts a lot too.

    When you're a booty call, you'll know trust me. You'll always be able to tell from the conversation, most guys who want you as a booty call, don't really care about you or how your day has been or what they've been doing or what you've discovered. They just want to set up a meet with you, mostly or to just make sure your still there in case they need you.

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