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I'm so confused about this guy I use to see him at school we don't ser each other anymore because were not going the same days to school. Now we hang out once a month the last date we held hands in the theater and kissed goodnight. Text once a week since September shouldn't he call or something? What am I ? Also he is 4 years older then me am I being played or am I nothing to him he has a nickname for Me and also this is the 5th time we go out does he like me? This is the first time I've gone out with a guy if were even considered dating.


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  • He's wasting your time. You deserve a guy who will give you a closer relationship. Send him a link to this YouTube cut. Bwahahahahaha!


  • It seems that he's not interested in you that much as you do with him.

    Better find a new guy of interest.


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