Have you ever realized that you are not over your ex while dating someone else?

My ex adored me...I was his "everything"..."a piece of his heart. He even wanted to get married. He said he had never been so happy in his whole life. Needless to say that there was a strong bond between us. I screwed it up...no I did not cheat on him. After almost two years he broke it off. But he still texted and called for a few months after that. A year has passed...he has been seeing someone else now for a few months. His father passed away and I wanted to be there for him. We have had a few email and text exchanges. Mostly stuff about his father...and them some of it was joking around. He seems receptive. I just wonder if he could start to develop feelings for me again...feelings that he thought were gone...just like I have. Thank you


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  • It happens to everyone

  • what happened that ended the relationship?

    • It was trust issues unfortunately. I lied about some things.

    • He stuck around for a long time after that though. And during that time I changed.

    • well, why did it ultimately end then?

      generally, getting back together with exes doesn't work out. it's a rare occasion that it does.