What kind of woman am I?

In the past I've had guys tell me "oh your that type of woman" but when I asked them what they meant they wouldn't clarify. I Haven't had the most traditional introduction to sex and dating (I was rufied the first time I had sex) and its been an issue in my dating habits because it inhibits my ability to trust and be open with men. I've even had guys I've hooked up with tell me they think I'm a lesbian for how distant I've become- which totally breaks my heart since I really did like him. I've been analyzing my dating lifestyle lately and have noticed a few unhealthy patterns that I've been ritualizing that I want to change in order to have more positive relationships in my life. But for some reason I keep getting this response. I am usually a laid back girl who likes to go on adventures and play sports and am a tom boy to an extent but no one seems to understand my feminine side. So I guess my question to the people is why do we act so quickly to label someone instead of trying to understand how a person behaves is a symptom of something much greater


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  • It's because people always rely on assumptions as to not waste their time. Their judgments are rooted from where they grow up with, and who are the people they were with.

    If they see a particular pattern between you and the person whom they know, they quickly judge you the same way they judge the other person.

    Though, you shouldn't be with those kind of guys who quickly judge people. They don't have an empathetic heart.


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