Why do I keep thinking about this guy when we weren't even together?

Hi everyone. I just want to know why I can't stop thinking about this guy! Me and this would speak every single waking moment lol. I liked him at first but since it seemed like he didn't want to hang out with me I just figured he didn't like me. So I was able to brush him off my mind and start seeing people here and there. So me and the guy were just friends and I accepted that. That being said, he would call/ text me ALL THE TIME. I hardly contacted him first! Call me in the morning to say good morning before he heads to work, calls me during my breaktime, stay on the phone when he's in the shower, calls me when he's doing something or I'm doing something, and calls me to stay up and keep talking to me even though he knows both of us have work in the morning. I would have to hang up sometimes or not even answer cause we were talking too much. It was fun talking to him but sometimes it was a little too much lol. EVERY WAKING MOMENT, I see phone calls or text messages lol. He said he felt really comfortable talking to me about anything. This had been going on for months. I was getting a little annoyed now, because if he didn't like me, I wanted my time to be free for guys who actually wants to see me and stuff. I started acting a little bitchy about it to him. Eventually after giving my phone a breather, and stuff, he started asking to hang out. From time to time I said no because I actually had plans and wasn't expecting him to ask to hang out, I eventually had one day to hang out and we hung out. After that, he just disappeared on me. Now I was wondering wth happened with him. I texted to see what was up, but it just didn't seem the same. We officially stopped talking after we kept going back and forth with stupid mind games. Now months later from time to time I would get random texts messages from him to see how I was doing. Then that's it, he would disappear for a couple more months. But when I would text him, he would take hours to respond so I stopped texting him.

My thing is why do I keep thinking about him now? And why was he acting this way? So damn clingy! I usually can forget about anyone really quickly but with him, I can't stop thinking about him! Its not like I'm purposely thinking of him. He would just pop up in my head when I'm preoccupied with something and stick there like crazy glue.

When we use to talk, it wouldn't even be about sexual things. It was more along the lines of stupid random stuffs, likes/dislikes, family problems, etc. Everything, but sexual content.
Also he said he had never been able to talk to a girl the way he has with me before.


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  • It seems that you're starting to fall for his charms. And also the fact that, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    You really need to forget him since he's not interested in you anymore.

  • He could really like you, and he could be not very good at expressing his feelings. He probably is obsessive, but you can't blame him for being born that way. If you think about him, it is probably because you think he is weird, not because you like him. Although it is possible that you're unsure about your feelings for him. Try to meet him and see what happens. Ask him the questions that are on your mind.

    • I did like him but since he would NEVER want to hang out, I thought he didn't like me so I decided to find someone else while we can stay friends. So I don't know why he would act the way he did if he didn't like me?

    • Maybe he doesn't know what to talk about if you hung out. Just because he doesn't want to hang out doesn't mean that he isn't interested in you. He might be doubting himself. Although his behavior sounds really strange. Perhaps it is better to ask him why he is acting the way he is.

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