GUYS: Would you date your best friend's sister or not?

I've known this guy for around 8 months now. My brother & him are friends & my brother thought that this guy & I would suit each other. We all went out together & there was a mutual attraction. Anyway, long story short, there were loads of mixed signals & we didn't end up getting together. Since we've known each other, there's an undeniable attraction. We've been out together a couple of times although I'm not sure they were actual dates. I've fallen hard for this guy & I do want a relationship with him. I've turned down literally a dozen guys because of my strong feelings I have for this guy. I haven't spoken to him about this because I wasn't sure how to. My bro ended talking to him. This guy told my brother that he thinks I'm very attractive & amazing. He apparently really, really likes me BUT he's worried that if we did get together & things don't work out, his friendship with my brother will be ruined. My bro is his best friend, the bother he didn't have. I can understand him being worried that if we ever had a fight or he hurt me, my bro would take my side & he'd be likely to lose his best mate. Is this a legitimate excuse or not? My bro doesn't care if we date & he'd be happy if we did, but his friend feels awkward about it. What do I do? My bro says the ball is in my court to make things happen & convince him. I won't chase him though. If he really was interested, would all of this even matter? Especially considering that my bro gave him his blessing? This guy & I are hanging out a lot & he always flirts with me. Surely, if he had doubts of dating me, he wouldn't have stuck around all these months? HELP PLEASE!


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  • If you really care for you, don't let your doubts stand in the way. If you really want to do good in this relationship, you have to commit. "It is better to fall down and get back up than to never fall down". I don't remember who said this.

    Even if things were to become sour, you don't know for sure that that will happen. Live in the present instead of in the future. If you don't take this chance now you will always be second guessing yourself and you might not be happy. Don't worry about what could go wrong, and just give it your best. Furthermore, if you go into a relationship thinking it will go wrong, it may go wrong. Just be confident and stay positive, and don't worry about your brother's friendship. If they are good friends, they will understand even if things do go wrong.

    Go for it and good luck.

    • Correction, the first sentence should start with "If your brother really cares for you."

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    • The fact that he isn't keen to take the relationship to the next level is not cause for worry. It is because he is worried that it wil ruin his friendship with your brother. If you do get into a relationship with him, give him some time to relax. If you're afraid of rejection and don't show your true feelings, he won't be able to see it. Don't wait for him to try. You try first, and then he will respond. If you do everything well on your part, then he will follow suit.

    • What I mean is that if you are afraid of rejection, you won't be giving it your all. That will look like reluctance on your part. If you are afraid that he will reject you, he will feel that it is weird that you aren't giving him enough attention. Don't worry about failure. Just go for it.

      By "he won't be able to see it", I meant that you need to put your emotions into it so that he will be able to see your love. You won't know until you try.

  • It seems that the guy really likes you a lot. Give him a chance, and try to encourage him more to pursue you.

    I would really date my best friend's sister. It's even easier to get that girl because my best friend is at my side.


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