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i had asked previously that I want to express my feelings to my childhood best friend whom I am in love with( we were friends since 4 years of age ) . I am trying to express my feelings to him indirectly as I am nervous to approach directly . Also I am myself little timid type of woman who is not so good at stylish looks , sex appeal etc which attracts men . I feel he takes me as his friend only but I want something more . I am nervous to ask him for dating etc though I tried many times . When he talks with me about other women I encourage him but feel frustrated inside Because my friendship has turned into something more but seems he doesn't understand that . Am I doing something wrong by wanting something more than friendship ? I want to approach him once even if he rejects it . We are both 18 years . some serious advice please ! If I am wrong somewhere please rectify me


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  • Conveying your feelings for someone is a really big risk to take.

    Though, it's really preferable if you can say how you're feeling for him. It seems that he likes you a lot as well, since he kinds of "brag" to you about other women. Your chances of getting him is pretty high.

    • maybe... I am not sure about his feelings. I don't want to ask directly since he is my best friend since childhood. How to ask ? I have no experience before !

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