Does a bad 2nd date ruins the chances of a 3rd one?

Me and this guy went on our second date and somehow I was just nervous and shy the whole time, even not being able to carry a decent conversation... He was always nice and gentle, although making fun of me for my behavior at times, teasing I guess. Well, laugh we laughed a lot. But later kissing was pretty awkward as well as I was expecting some smooches, but he was actually pretty passionate and fast for me at the time...

I dunno, somehow it just fell like we were different in every single thing, unable to connect, so unlike our first date!

Still I kinda like him and was hoping there could be a third date, but I'm afraid I blew it? What do you guys think?

Guess I would also like to ask, would you lose interest in someone if the date/ kissing wasn't so good? Would you stop contacting this person?


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  • i definity think a bad second date is going to hurt your chances of having a 3rd one but you did manage to get a second date so maybe there is something more there but if there isn't it might be better to just move on and make sure to not repeat mistakes again with next date

    • Ouch. Not sure being nervous is a mistake I can prevent easily... For kissing, definitely only with practice >__<

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  • not every date is gona be perfect defo go for a third one : ) as for the kiss practice makes perfect so no I wouldn't lose interest

    • Thanks, that's how I feel too! =) We did text briefly after that, but guess now I should wait or something...

    • don't be affraid to be the one to ask for the 3rd date what if he is feeling the same as you and waiting too and you both wait and nothing happens? the very worst thing that can happen is he says no but that's better than waitin and waiting till he starts dating someone else and your left wishing you had done something.

  • if he seemed like a nice enough guy, I think this can be salvaged by a good third date. maybe have a few drinks to take the edge off, although I wouldn't necessarily recommend getting hammered


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