Is he loosing interest in me?

So I've had a thing with this guy for a couple months. We've hung out a couple times IRL (we go to different schools) but we text and Facebook alot. Not SUPER excessively... but alot. We have honestly never even brought up if we're "something" or not, but I know I have feelings for him and he's usually the first to start FB convos or text me each day and he has called me "boo" and other cute nicknames a couple times, as well as a few other tell-tale signs. Then since about Thursday, things have been getting kinda weird. He'll start FB convos, talk for like 10 min, then log off without warning, and often w/o reading my last message. He hasn't texted me since Monday and even then he started it. He also messaged again yesterday and it was like normal but... idk. Something feels off. If I was the one trying to reach out to him, then I would know that it was me being annoying. The kicker is that HE is the one still pursuing. Someone suggested that maybe he's having a bad time right now and I just casually asked what's up and he just said something surface-level, like what he was literally doing atm. Does he still like me? What's going on? Why does he feel so distant suddenly?


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  • He does still like you. It must be that he's really having some bad times now.

    Give him more time for himself, and just always respond when he's initiating convos.


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