What's his deal - why is he so angry with me?

My boyfriend dumped me after a fight by blocking me and ignoring my email reaching out to him. He texted me today that he failed school because of me. Told me I was an emotional head case/wreck and that he's not going to date again for a Long time in case she's anything like me. What's his deal? I just got upset over the fact he lied to me about not being on the dating website. He's the one that treated me poorly so why is he so bloody angry with me.


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  • Drop him.

    Google “projecting blame”

    I lived with someone for years who would always blame me for their bad feelings which they should own up to. That person was simply an angry person.

    If a person is mad over ANYTHING at all, it’s because THEY decide to handle it that way.

    What an emotional mess. I don’t do anger anymore and neither should you.

    He blamed you for classes you didn’t take. Clear sign of coo-coo.

    “I’m sorry hun, I should have been paying attention and taking better notes.”

    Oh, block his texts and calls. Separate yourself from anyone that doesn’t ABSOLUTELY bring out the best in a situation. And don’t think you can change him or the situation.

    Drop him. Find a nice young happy man.


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  • Simply ignore him. He seems he's bad in controlling his emotions, and doesn't want to blame himself for the things he does fail in.

    You're better off not communicating with him again.

  • I'm guessing you've done some other things that annoy him, which you haven't mentioned. He kind of explained why he's angry with you. If not than, he could just be be crazy, or over the relationship.

    • not really. he blows things out of proportion. like if I say something that has irritated me he turns this into I am picking him apart and I am never happy

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    • I have apologized for being so hard on him and said I was wrong but he never drops it. I also said once that he looked upset at me so he threw that out there pick apart even how they look at you. Maybe I am wrong but I always thought it was okay in a relationship to say is everything alright because it doesn't seem so. Why such a negative reaction to such an innocent statement

    • "At the end of the night I said I was concerned by this because to me it seems like he is not invested" - That right there is why he was mad. To jump from not have plans, to "you're not invested is leap". That comment makes you seem high maintenence. From those two comments alone, you project the image of being a worrying person. Reading into little things. Makes a guy thing that you analyze everythinghe does.

  • He's angry with you because you're a head case and an emotional wreck.

    No, he's angry because he blames you for the failures in his life.


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  • it sounds like dude's the headcase not you. blaming you for his personal failure basically means he's shifting the burden on you and not himself. I had a guy do that to me one time all over a misunderstanding with one text msg. he brewed over it for days and wldn't talk to me and then blew up on me when I tried to talk to him about the misunderstanding and said I destroyed the last 3 days of his life. I was like huh? so yeah don't let him blame you for him failing in school or anything else for that matter. his education was his responsibility not yours regardless. take care sweetie. there are a lot of really nice men out there who wouldn't even think of doing that to you. I hope this helps.