Second date but is he interested

first date went well, have a second date soon, but he said he hasn't formed a first impression of me yet? don't know if he is interested

we kept starring into each other eyes at the first date, I felt there was something there but don't know about him


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  • every guy I've ever met can tell you if he would be interested in a physical relationship with a woman (at least once) within 90 seconds of meeting her.

    he's formed a first impression.

    So here is where you stand:

    1) he thinks waiting to tell you what he thinks is better for some reason (not knowing you, he may be right).

    2) he doesn't know what he's thinking in which case you'll just have to move forward (or not) without verbal affirmation.

    Go on the second date. Have fun. Worry about your own feelings and stop worrying about his. Listen to your gut in terms of whether or not he interest level warrants you risking your own feelings. People on the internet cannot tell you if a guy is really into you or not (we are neither that consistent or predictable as a whole.)


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