What did I do wrong?

Met a guy about two weeks ago. I had a boyfriend who he met a couple times. He knew me and my boyfriend weren't going great due to long distance etc. We spoke online for at least 6 hours a night and hung out every other day/night either alone or with my friends or his. We became friends fast.

So Sunday we hung out all day together, he walked me home after the pub. He told me he liked me and said he really wanted to kiss me. I was still with my boyfriend but told him that I liked him too but that I didn't want to cheat. So he ran off kinda embarrassed.

However a few minutes later he called saying he was getting epileptic spasms so I let him come in, lie down, got him some water etc. They lasted a good 20 minutes so he asked if he could stay the night. I let him.

We ended up cuddled up during the night and in the morning, we kissed. I felt terrible for my boyfriend but I was caught up in the moment. He kept complimenting me, my eyes, how adorable I was, how much he fancied me etc. He left in the afternoon as he had a family thing. We hugged for a while, he kissed my forehead and said he'd see me later.

I text him 4-5 times over the next two days including telling him I'd broke up with my boyfriend. He only replied once hours later asking if I was alright. He hasn't been on Facebook and I just want to know what I did wrong for him to completely ignore me.

Please guys. Was I too desperate? Was he embarrassed that I took care of him? Is there another girl?


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  • NO, you did nothing wrong. He seems somewhat insure. He pursues you, and when your ready he backs down? Nope, find someone that knows what they want. He acts like a 16 year old.

    I think he got cold feet personally and does not know how to deal with it. Give it a few days of no contact. If he does not call you, let it be, and don't dont don't sound needy and text and call him.

    and if he ever calls back after 2 weeks, just simply say its nice to hear from you, bla bla bla, but you ca not continue to speak with him as you met someone a few days ago and it wouldn't be right. End it with I wish you all the best and hang up. Even if he is still talking HANG UP. He will grow up after that and know he missed out on a great person.

    Good Luck

    • Thanks :) He has text me once saying he'd been sleeping for a few days but really, I'm sure if he cared he could have text me. I just text him back saying I wish he felt better soon and have left it at that.

      I feel stupid for thinking it could work, he seemed so genuine. I may bump into him tomorrow as we both go to karaoke at the same pub so we'll see. Since becoming single, I've been working on improving myself so you're right, he will be the one that lost out :D

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