Is this a violation of girl code?

My friend was "dating" this guy last semester and by that I mean they were never anything official, but they would hangout and whatnot. He had just gotten out of a relationship and wasn't really ready for anything serious. Because of that things sort of ended between them. I've gotten to know him a lot better and I'm starting to really like him. Would it be wrong of me to try and start something with him considering he was sort of dating my friend? She is currently seeing another guy in case that is important.


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  • you have to ask her. I was in that situation with a guy and I liked him a lot and I am NOT seeing someone else and would definitely be jealous if my friend went for him.

    she could have still had real feelings for him and liked him a lot. you really gotta talk to her, if you don't that is totally breaking girl code.


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  • Well if you care about your friendship that much, maybe you should talk to your friend about it first.

    • agreed. It depends on how much she liked him, and whether she expected something long-term out of him or was it a mutual casual thing.

  • as most everyone said you should talk to her,


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