Will she like this?

After from I am taking my date to dinner at The Melting Pot (Fondue) Here is the link link then after that we will be going to a horror movie, I would like to have my first kiss sometime during the movie, Should I ask her to share my first kiss with me? She has also never been kissed


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  • oh I love the melting pot! its really romantic I think..good choice she will love it there...i love the chocolate and strawberries...u shouldnt ask her to kiss,u should just take it when she leans in maybe to hear what ur saying ..ull find the right moment :)

    • Thanks for the reply, The reason I say if ishould ask her is because we have a asking type or relationship

    • Yea when I guy asks me though I feel pressured...i think you'll find the right time..dont force it!

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  • just find the right moment... if you ask it may be akward.. but then again it could be really cute.. in the movie hold hands.. play with her hands. tickle up her arm. and back down to her hand and play with her hand some more.. its really cute.. if your not cuddling put the arm rest up and pull her into you. don't be scared. because it might be hard to get her to turn around and kiss you in a movie if you don't want to have to ask for it.. I would do it sometime before or after dinner. if your gonna ask for it.. be playful

    " hey so I was thinking.. wanna be my first kiss?" or something along those lines. just be happy and playful with it.

  • Well, take it slow, read the signs.. Yes. she'll more than like that place, but I'd say she'd like anywhere you take her. If you're nervous about it though; link

    Good luck!


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  • do whatever feels natural to you. it sounds like you are doing a traditional dinner and movie kind of date, so it is also kind of traditional to walk her to the door and kiss her good night when you leave.