Am I just a part time girlfriend?

We have been in a relationship for a month now, everything WAS awesome while we dated and the first 2 weeks or so... We did spend a lot of time with his mates and I often complained that I wanted to spend some time with him alone. He made up for this by trying to not invite his friends to everything...

Now its got to that point where he just doesn't text me anymore... like at all! He no longer comes online to chat to me, won't top up his phone... If he does he won't text me, he won't even reply back to my messages... I've told him loads that this upsets me but he doesn't seem to take any notice of this! The only time I hear from him now is when I get a message on Facebook saying "come over tomorrow, have a good day x" and that's all...

Why is he doing this? A few days ago we had a very deep conversation where I told him about my past, I cried and everything and he was very supportive and understanding and said he felt much closer to me... I really don't get it! And I'm not really sure what to do either! HELP! :(


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  • Let him come to you and don't expect too much... relationships take time!

    My boyfriend hates his phone and we never chat online, it was really hard to communicate with him at some point but time after time he started being used to me, and realized more what I need to be happy (and communication is super important to me)! Now he tries harder.

    You've been with your guy for one month only, let him breathe or he might feel like it's too much too soon.


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  • My personal opinion is that maybe he does think of you as a sometimes girlfriend. I am sorry to say that but from what you have put that's how it seems to me... It could be that he is doing this because one of his friends (or maybe he just thinks that) told him that you are trying to control him by saying you want more alone time with him. So now he feels like he has to distance himself from you when he's with them. I would just ask him about it and see where that leads you! Good Luck!

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