Is "a job" really the requirement in order to date a woman? or is it MONEY?

The common response I read is "hes going to mooch off of women"

Or I don't want to have to PAY for him. He should be able to pay for himself.

Thats great, plenty of guys can get part-time jobs and still not afford to take you out on dates or pay for anything.

happens ALL THE TIME.

So is it really the job or is it the money?

Obviously a LITTLE money is required.

SO then I ask you, why just a little?

So he can afford to take you out ONE time?

So a little More then correct?

I say YES.

So obviously he has to be able to have enough money to support himself AND take you out on dates whenever he or you want. Dates usually cost at LEAST gas money.

So if money is so important, and a requirement, then its obviously a standard.

Are you just setting the bar too low for yourself if you stop there?

Why not a millionaire or billionaire?

Could it be that women who don't go after those, try and fail therefore they have to settle for lower wage men?

Maybe the solution is to milk money from multiple men to make up for the difference?


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  • Its money.


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  • A philosophical woman; I like that. *love gaze* lol

    Anyhow, this is an interesting question. I think it depends on the woman's lifestyle and expectations. If she's perfectly fine hopping on the bus and taking a trip to the local bowling alley with a guy she likes,) she'll be fine. However, if she is used to luxurious cars and fancy restaurants - the only guys who have a shot are ones who can replicate that experience. *shrug* Again, depends on the girl.

  • A Job is what's necessary. I've seen way too many women dump a guy when he lost his job, to think differently.


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