How many messages do you receive on your online dating profile?

The title says it all. Obviously girls get more than guys, but I really want to know how many guys get. I just made a profile and want to know where I stand so I could change it if its performance is sub-par. I made it two days ago and I have only received two messages, so I'm kind of worried (I was uninterested in both).

So guys and gals how many messages do you receive on an average week?

Also, let's make it more interesting. Girls, what message can a guy send that will make him stand out and increase the likelihood of a response?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I joined an online dating profile with my best friend (she was serious but I joined caused she didn't want to do it alone) and I was kinda surprised at all the messages I got. But then I did some research and found out that most girls get a ton of messages while guys barely get any because you are supposed to "chase" women, not the other way around. So, if you aren't getting messages, go out there and send a few. Most women expect you as the man to take that first step.

    Also, don't do what a lot of guys did and create one message that you copy/paste to every girl. We can easily tell those apart from genuinely interested ones :P


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What Girls Said 2

  • Well I was on POF for a bit, I got about 10 messages a day when I first joined then it slowed down to 8 after I had been on there a while. I gave up though cause I couldn't get any of the cute guys on there ha ha it seem like the ones that actually wanted a relationship were the ones I wasn't attracted to. I don't understand why guys get way less cause I would message guys if I was interested sometimes and I try to respond to everyone of them even if it was to let them know I wasn't interested. Don't get me wrong I would ignore a few like if the guys was busted or like way too old to even message me in the first place haha.

  • In one night I got over 100 messages :S It was horrible. I tried to respond to all of them but new ones just kept coming in. I finally had to delete the account.

    • o.0 that's crazyyyy. I still haven't had 100 visitors since I've made it let alone get over 100 messages! I'm not taking it seriously now, since all the good ones get bombarded with messages.

What Guys Said 3

  • It would only 2-5. I'm not that avid online dater, and it seems that my luck in it is also pretty low.

  • GOD hardly any. I think maybe only 4 or 5 girls actually sent me a message FIRST, compared to the 20 or 30 that I sent out. And of those 30, maybe only half actually replied to me... My page received daily views though - so I know girls were interested but they just didn't have the guts to contact me...

    Online dating is extremely worthless for men.

    • yea from what I'm seeing now it's completely pointless, I feel like this is the norm as the experience for guys: See pretty girl, read her profile and she falls in one of three categories: 1. There's something mentally wrong with her. 2. She's extremely arrogant and slutty. 3. She actually seems like a great girl. When you message her she won't respond, because lets face it, you've got a sh*tload of competition. Or the girls are just hideous. Even the hideous ones feel extremely entitled

    • Exactly right man - All 3 of those categories pertain to the women on there... ESPECIALLY numbers one & 3 lol

  • Back in the day, I tried

    Over the course of a year, I got 3 messages, two of which were from spam accounts.