Western VS Asian values/behavior/anything in mind

I'm Asian, so I have no idea what's its like to be living in the western countries. I'll state my stereotypes here...

I always admire the parents of USA, they train their kids to be independent, and from what I know, they get kicked out from home when they're 18 or so, to live a life themselves, well, they may be exceptions for some but in my country, we stay with our parents till they die or at least visit them in the elderly centre frequently. Yeah that's what we call filial piety and we value that a lot, kids don't care about parents go to hell! ( or what we call strike by lightning in my hometownXD) some unemployed even depend on their parents to get by and I think it's a really bad thing...

We also suggest if your mom and dad haven't died, you shouldn't go on long journeys Because it'd make them worriedXD yeah it sounds stupid cause many of us go travel more than once a year but the idea behind it is appreciable. And so since my parents want to keep me by their side, ( I'm one of the typical children in my hometown who's the only child in the family, brought up in overprotection by parents and grandparents), really valued as a diamond. and they forbid me to go study overseas, that's also understandable because my grandparents are already old and it's better if I could stay by their side but I'm one of the lucky ones who could get the money and run away someday, some of us just got stuck in the same place.

Yeah speaking of dating, cause it's more relevant in this website, there's a rare phenomenon in my hometown, where highly accomplished, high salary, and not so young woman are left alone w/Oma partner and we call them Leftovers. They're highly criticized by the society, Because they have no market value, they're strong and independent and men with same status as them just prefer younger and hotter girls. Don't know if its the same with the western...

I'm not sure about this , I'm very inexperienced in the dating world, I study in all girls sku, just meet some boys every two weeks in church and from what I see, they are far less going to take the initiative to male the first move. Sure they sometimes tease girls, they talk to girls but like a guy I know, who's outgoing and bright won't even try to flirt with me( in which he seemed interest , check, link

It's like guys my age, nice guys, won't wanna date at all, I wanna find a boyfriend and its hard. I'm quite pretty, super cute but I find its strange Because guys do hit on me sometimes( teasing, staring, bumping, eh chatting sometimes) but most of this are like a one time deal, so hot and cold, like super wanna-be-friends-with-you one time and you're-not-even-worth-a-glance next time. Gosh this is frustrating. I mean this part is irrelevant with the question but the part I most need answers from. Pls feel free to answer anything


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  • People around here typically don't leave home till their mid 20's. Once they've finished college and found steady employment. Most of my friends still live with their parents, if not, they eventually move back in with their parents. We do have those that find their homes undesirable and move out early, as you believe it. Then you also have extreme cases, like mine, where you file for emancipation, and obtain guardianship over yourself before the legal age of 18.

    We typically don't hold family in the same regards as the eastern world you live in. We don't believe in holding ourselves back from experiencing the world because it causes our family emotional distress. Were taught to accept and endure such pain as a necessity.

    Our society tens to be of the mind that once you turn of legal age your decisions become your own. Sounds as if we're not as rule oriented. We do value our independence. In terms of dating, ya, people are people. The hot/cold crap goes on no matter what part of the world you hail from.

    • wow that's great...and I'm kinda curious about your emancipation story;)

    • Eh, it's not really all that interesting.

      Father took off at birth. Mother was a druggy. I kept running away from home and getting dragged back by the police. Child services eventually took me away and I went to live with my grandparents for awhile.

      At that point I was so used to supporting myself and living how I saw fit that I couldn't confine to another persons rules so I filed for emancipation. My grandparents fought my claim but I was already financial independent and thus won my case.

  • You have a very skewed and inaccurate view of what the West is like.

    • Then correct me

    • "they train their kids to be independent, and from what I know, they get kicked out from home when they're 18 or so, to live a life themselves,"

      Wrong. America as a nation is practically child proofed, and lots of adults never actually grow up.

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