Guys, what small presents do you like getting?

I've been on like 3 dates with this guy and we've already been planning things to do in future together. He bought me a lovely bracelet for me and gave it to me.

I want to buy him something to give to him as a surprise in the future. What would be nice small presents to get a guy you're dating?

I know it's early in the relationship. I don't want to give it to him straight away.


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  • Something my first girlfriend did that I though was really cute was she wrote me a letter for our one-month in all sorts of different colors and stuff. Around the edges, she wrote every date we'd been on or everything we'd done together up to that point.

    Guys like treats and stuff like that. When the time is appropriate, bake him some chocolate chip cookies and position the chocolate chips in the shape of smiley faces, hearts, stuff like that. Maybe make him an iTunes playlist? Again though, when the time is appropriate (as you've already acknowledged).


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