Did I BLOW IT with No contact

I Haven't spoken (texted, emailed, called) with my ex since the night he broke up with me. Day 6 NO CONTACT. I go to lunch and come back and my cell has a text from him. Saying he hopes I am doing well and saying he didn't like how things ended and his life is just backwards and he wants me to know that he KNOWS I am a good woman and he has to focus on himself to get his life in order. He said you are such a strong woman and Mom. I didn't text back for THREE HOURS. I then felt like if I didn't say ANYTHING he would think I was bitter and held power over me. So I simply texted back, "I am good." that's IT. Did I mess up? I WAS DOING SO WELL!


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  • Are you doing no contact because you hope he will come back if you disappear, or are you doing it because you want to move on?

    • I want to get my heAd straight and get stronger but I also love him and want us to be together in time. He always held all the cards and I want to prove I can stand on my own. He texted again he wants to be my friend and I told him our relationship is too complex for friendship right now.

    • I think it's good that you told him that. You do need a break, everyone does after a break-up. I think I'd be on better terms with almost all of my ex-boyfriends if I had quit all communication with them for a while. So stay strong, you tol him how you feel. Give yourself the time you need and get back in touch with him once you feel you're ready. I don't think you blew up anything, but you need to follow through with your plan from now on.

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