What type of people do you attract?

What type of people do you attract in terms of personality, ethnicity, social class, looks, and dress style?

Ladies, what type of guys normally approach you for a date? What type of guy are successful with you, and why?

Guys, what type of girls do you approach? What type of girls are you more successful with, and why?

How many times have you dated down, or would you date down, and why? I ask this question because my perception is that about half of all attractive women date down, while most guys date or hold out to date up; true or untrue?


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  • I've never dated down...Also I almost always attracted hard working men..all of them are strong minded, very Manly men I atrract dominant, they are always the alpha make...like, and they are veryG entil men like..I always tend to date men that have my back no matter what...hmmm this is a really good question. I tend to date alpha makes with hidden insecurities, but they are great provider..all the men I've ever dated are into very lady like women, they want you we'll dressed at all times...every guy I ever dated has been ambitious, just a taste and the drive to get ahead and become winners..hmm. On the outside they are very business minded and mature. With me they are soft spoken and sensitive. The men I've dated are all handy men too..good with they hands no matter the profession, suite and tie...or construction..nypd or nurse. And now that I think about the guys I've dated were pretty cool.says a lot about me too!.

    • Good for you. From my experiences, girls that tend to attract ambitious guys are usually very attractive, sociable, and smart. I gather you like the nice guy that can turn into a bad boy at the drop of a dime, if needed. Am I correct?

    • Lol, hmmmm, ...well you might be on to something...I like a man that could Handel himself in all sutuations, come home so I can kiss the boo..boo's and make it all better...and I'm not just talking physical scars and etc,..it could be mentally as well, rough day..or maybe he just need some attention. What ever the case.

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  • I usually attract selfish people who take advantage of my companionship.

    Or people that like to remind me I'm their last resort, for friendship or dating or hanging out, whatever.

    I have no idea what it is about me, but those are usually the type of people that gravitate towards me.

    • Trust your instinct. Say "no" when you feel someone is trying to use you, and don't be afraid to cut your ties with someone that does not respect you. Relationships are give and take, there shouldn't be any other options. Don't always be available for last minute get togethers, no matter how bored you may be. If a guy does not plan something with you by Thursday night, then be busy for the rest of the weekend. No ifs and or buts. You're an attractive girl, convey yourself worth; don't settle.

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  • I don't really attract anyone. Very occasionally I attract very insecure women with mental health issues, like all of my previous girlfriends. Oh and fat chicks.

    I never approach anymore, it doesn't work. Women don't want ugly men to approach them. The only women who are receptive to approaches from me are women who are unattractive enough that very few men pay attention to them.

    Women are more concerned with dating up IME. The only women who wish to date me are overweight and I'm in reasonable physical condition. Furthermore men are perfectly happy dating girls who are from a lower social class, who earn less money or who are immigrants, women very rarely date people in these categories. 80% of men are just happy to be with anyone who isn't unhealthy, women want someone who is perfect.

    • Dude, you are not a bad looking guy. Your approach could be off, or maybe you could use the advice of an unbiased female friend, coworker, or stranger if need be. I think you need to brush up on your technique and you will be fine.

  • me virgin and no-one wants me so that basically answers that question

    • Everyone was a virgin and some point. Keep trying and you'll be Ok.