Why is she still into him?

So I have this friend who is still into this guy she dated for two months. When they dated he would blow her off for stupid things. He didn't show up to her birthday. He wouldn't even hold her hand. He never told her that she was beautiful or showed that he cared for her. He is unattractive, jobless, and lives with his mom. He caused her great hurt and I could see the pain in her eyes when they dated. Now three months after they have broken up she is still into him. Why?


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  • She's probably insecure and in need for a guy who will appreciate her. Some girls who have had abusive male role models just put up with that sort of treatment because they think they deserve it. It's all they're used to so they see it as love. Also some will feel responsible for the actions that person takes due to verbal abuse. She just needs to meet a nice guy who will give her the care she needs :)

    • i 100% agree with you its so true and sad that some girls let it get to that and don't see how great they really are

    • Thanks for your response. That is actually what I already thought the answer was I just wanted a second opinion.

    • No problem, I hope your friend get's over that jerk soon. She deserves better.

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