Would you date a girl who worked 2 jobs?

I work a day job and a night job so I work 9am-5pm and then 11pm - 7 am would you consider dating a girl who works that much? Or would you consider her to busy or high maintence? I like a guy but I'm scared me working more than one job would turn him off.


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  • Do you have time for the guy?

    I'm currently in a similar situation. She's always busy with something and we get to go out once a month if we're lucky. I told myself one thing, "never again."


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  • When do you find time to sleep? It's awesome you're working hard, but I imagine that is physically, and mentally draining on you, and you should never sacrifice your health for a little extra money.

    • The shifts aren't always on the same day I work part time at both an overnight stocker at one and a sales associate at a paint store for the others but some days it's just one job or the other do I do get some sleep xD I have had severe insomnia my whole life and besides talking some pretty serious medication for it not much can be done and I don't wanna do that since I'm so young so I figured I'd make use of my time but I don't wanna turn him off either.

  • Hmm I don't know, probably not, its extrememly admirable and attractive that you work two jobs, but ide never get to see you.


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