I suck at getting a girl's number or getting a date. Tips?

I either play it too safe and go no where, or I try too hard and I screw up. I feel like there is no middle ground. What is it that I'm not grasping?


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  • When ever you get her alone, ask her if she would like to hang out some time. Simple right? *testing the waters approach* This tells her that you aren't officially asking her out on a date, but to hang out. *if she doesn't say yes to this, then she won't say yes to: will you go out with me, or would you like to go out sometime*

    And once you start hanging out, ask about her family..sisters...brothers...etc, this will let her know that you are taking interest in her life, and she will start to figure out that you care for her.

    It's always worth taking the risk of losing when asking a girl out. It's always easier to get over a no, than a not knowing. Crushes are sent to your heart for a reason, and whether good or bad, it is the stepping stones that lead you to misses right.