Urgent post break up text message meaning?

My boyfriend ( after 3 years on and off relation ) left me again.. a couple of days ago claiming that we love each other but our relation is just too hard to handle..and it's better if we just meet better people and bla bla .. anyway a couple of hours ago he texted me "Too bad.." and then after half an hour texted again " Too bad , you used to be the most beautiful girl in my eyes"

what does that mean ? I am afraid that someone might have told him something bad about me.. and he is saying that .. or is it just because he left me ? maybe he regrets ? what do you guys think ?

I replied "You will find someone better who won't disappoint you like this" ..

Important update : He kept texting me again .. and then he called me and started begging me to forgive him.. and that he told me the mean things during the break up out of anger.. I told him I loved him but I know that he ll hurt me eventually.. but he wouldn't give it up and he kept calling and told me that he doesn't wanna lose me and he wants to make it work .. I don't know what to do guys , I love this guy very much, his only negative side is that when he gets angry he gets impulsive
but then eventually regrets and comes back .. but other than that, he is a good guy, he is kind and loves his parents very much who also love me ! .. I don't know what to do , should I go back ? I really don't know what to do .. and I have no one to talk to about this :S


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  • He's playing games and manipulating you, trying to make you take responsibility for the dissolution of the relationship. Just ignore him and try to move on. I know that's difficult but try.

    Best of luck!

    • Do you think my reply proved to him that I'm manipulated or anything ? :(

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    • sh*t :D .. its just that when he broke up with me , he kept saying how disappointed he is in us and all that , I just meant to be like " whatever, I disappointed you like you said .. you ll find better, leave me alone now ".. but it obviously came out wrong .. gahhh I wish I could fix this and make him feel guilty

    • Don't worry about that now, it's over anyway.

      Just try to get over him, keep busy, have fun with friends, stuff like that :-)

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  • I honestly think he's playing games, but I don't see any motive he'd have for doing this. Just seems like he's being a d*** to you trying to mess with your head. Put it this way if I had a friend and her bf/ex boyfriend was doing that I'd punch him and tell him to leave her alone.

    • but why would he play games ? He was very clear about breaking up .. I actually asked a couple of times last time we talked to gives us one more chance..and he said no no no ! I just don't get why did he do this now.. he is a really impulsive guy so I assumed he may regret or anything .. either ways I'm not getting back to him , I finally saw his true colors so no going back , but its nice knowing that someone regrets leaving you you know ... :)

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    • Thanks for your help :) do you think I should send him another text clarifying anything ? or I should just leave it like this ? he didn't reply yet because he must be sleeping .. so I don't know .. what do you think :)

    • Honestly I'd say just forget about him and don't even message him. You can find a better caring guy.

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  • His just playing games !

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