What is going on with him?

Ok so here it is, a couple of weeks ago I had a blind date with an amazing guy, we seemed to be have hit it off, our date went great and we parted ways with a hug, then for a week he texted me every day teling me he thought about me but then after a week he called me to tell me that he was not physically atttracted to me but I had a great personality and he wanted to still be friends... to be honest that statement hurt so I didn't talk to him as much because I wished he wouldn't have waited a week after to tell me... but fast foward to last night... the date was two weeks ago By the way. he texted me and told me he was cooking dinner and he wanted me to join so I get there he was extra sweet he even made dessert we talked about one in the morning and then it kind of all went down (or up hil however you want to view it) I told him my back hurted he offered to give me a massage, he gave me one and the next I knew we were having sex and cuddling, the next morning we sat around talking as if sex did not happen last night, he walked me to my car and kissed me. But I'm still in a wtf mode, I thought he was not attracted to me, what's wrong with this picture? what should I do about this and what should be my next move? should I wait until he texts or calls me? anything will help a guys point of view, I'm Just confused!


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  • It seems that you just need to spend more time with him. He really does like you a lot.

    Don't wait for the next move because he might be waiting for you as well.

    • This makes no sense. Why did he tell I wasn't attractive to him then?

    • To test your reaction.

    • test my reaction? please explain

  • This honestly sounds like he did a bit of a booty call. I'm just being one hundred percent honest. I wouldn't call him out on is just yet. But if it continues bring it up and find an answer.


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